Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gelato Techniques with Dry & Heat Embossing

Hello Scrappin' Peeps!

My tutorial is all about using Gelatos with Embossing Folders and Heat embossing techniques.  I am going to show you three different techniques that you can use to get some wonderful textured designs using Gelatos by Faber Castell.  In addition, I will show you a similar effect using the same techniques and products you may already have on hand if you haven't had a chance to purchase
Gelatos yet.

If you are not sure what Gelatos are, here is a picture of the first set of Gelatos I purchased:

Gelatos are creamy sticks of pigment color.  They come in 36 colors including 6 metallic colors. They can be used dry or they can be mixed with water and other mediums such as Glaze, Gesso, Gel Medium or Modeling Paste.  This makes them a versatile color medium to use on your cards and scrapbook pages.

The first technique I'd like to share with you is probably my favorite!  It is so quick and easy with amazing results.

TUTORIAL #1 - Dry Embossing with Dry Gelatos:

1)  Start with a piece of plain white cardstock.  I have a piece of 110 lb cardstock cut to 4" x 5 1/4" inches so it will fit nicely on a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card.

2)  Emboss the cardstock using your embossing tool.  I use a Cuttlebug and the embossing folder I am using is designed by Anna Griffin for Cricut/Cuttlebug called Juliet Damask.

3)  Choose 2 or 3 gelatos of your color choice.  I am using three of the colors above - Guava (light pink), Raspberry (plum), Bubble Gum (hot pink).  Randomly color over the embossed image.

4)  Now comes the fun part.  Use your finger to blend the colors together.  You could also use a special blending tool (sold separately).  You could also use a foam blending tool or cosmetic sponge for applying makeup but I find my finger works best and it washes right off with soap and water.

5)  All done!  Here's my completed card.  You could use this technique on die-cuts or tags or as backdrops or on frames for your photos for your scrapbook pages as well.

Alternative Method using Dry Embossing and Crayons:
1)  Dry Emboss your cardstock.  Pick out several colors of crayons in similar shades.  

2) Color the entire design use some pressure so that you will get a more vibrant color.  Darker colors tend to work better.

3)  Now to blend the colors you will need a piece of material, some wax paper and an iron.  You will place the wax paper over your design, and the material over the wax paper to protect your iron.  You will need to set your iron on a medium-high setting to get it warm enough to melt the wax you put on the cardstock.  Move your iron around as you iron over the design.  This can take a few minutes until you achieve your desired effect. 

4)  Here's the finished product.